Domino_muddled 1500px

Dominos are a wonderful metaphor for what we want to accomplish.

The domino effect is described by Merriam Webster as a situation in which one event causes a series of similar events to happen one after another.

From this definition we can conclude, that we need a minimum of two domino tiles, within reach of each other, in order to create the tiniest domino effect.

One single domino tile standing by itself can not do what it is meant to do. Thousands of dominos that are standing out of reach from each other, are in the same dilemma. Their quantity, if out of reach, has no mayor significance.

Now again, tiles that are within reach of each other but are laying muddled up, can be considered as being in a “stuck state”, being without any chance of change.

On the other hand, if you create an aligned trail of domino tiles, where each tile is within reach of the next in line, this line-up could be endless and the effect could start at either end and impact every single tile on its way.

One of the great things about dominos is, that there are tiles, that act as a hub, they give impulse to two tiles at once creating a new range of vast potential.

And once all tiles changed their position, you can restart creating new forms of alignment, new hubs and be marveled by its immense possibilities.